• about spot show
      • If an event is important you and the whole world should know! Here you can SPOT your SHOW and SHOW everyone your SPOT. We believe that an amazing event can change our life. We built Spot Show so we'd have one place to track our favourite events so we'd never miss them live wherever we are. We want to take the hassle out of finding out when our favorite events are coming to our city and that will happen wherever we go to another part of the world. In a globalized world we want everyone to have access to events happening everywhere for everyone. Gone are the days of subscribing to a million different venue mailing lists, checking different events websites and sifting through generic concert newsletters.

        As an event producer you can use Spot Show in two ways: you can insert for free any event and/or advertise your events/products or services. It's our mission to have every event happening anywhere, from your friend's show at your local bar, right up to the biggest stars around the world.

        We then push this information to you. You track all the artists/events you want to see live just by opening up the app and searching a particular zone or date interval.

        But that's not all we do. We felt there wasn't a website that truly represents the life-changing experience of seeing your favourite artists/events live. That means there's now a permanent place for each and every event.

        Spot Show was launched in November 2013 by a group of people who thought it was way too hard to find out when their favourite artists/events were coming to town.